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We’re Impresos Múltiples!

With you since 1992

Our Story

Impresos Múltiples is a factory 100% Salvadorian, founded in 1985 as a copy center in Antiguo Cuscatlán. Officially established on october 14th of 1992 becoming Impresos Múltiples S.A. de C.V. dedicated to graphic arts.


This path of evolution in the industry of graphic arts has been sharpened by the tenacity and vision of our founders, focusing on processes innovation, high quality products and excellent customer service.


Thanks to God, the trust of our clients, suppliers and support of our team we’ve been taking on big challenges that allowed us to keep growing. Nowadays, we’re one of the biggest producers of folding carton and labels in El Salvador, serving big national and international companies.

Currently, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we keep the same passion and enthusiasm of the first day, with new challenges and projects that allow us to give the best products and service to our clients.


Become the leading company in the manufacture of packaging and labels in Central America.


Seek innovative solutions in our manufacturing processes and customer service.

Value Proposition

We promise to provide our clients with personalized service and advisory that allows us to create lasting business relationships; where our product and service positions us as their strategic partner in the manufacture of packaging and labels.

Quality Policy

We’re committed to the constant innovation of processes, machinery renewal and training our team that allows us to be at the forefront of technological advances, resulting in better quality in our products and services.

Promise to the Community

We’re committed to be a socially responsible company, where our activity will take into consideration the well-being and growth of our team, and the community in which we operate. Doing fair business with our suppliers and customers that is beneficial for all parties involved.


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