Let’s be
part of the solution

Promise To the Community

We’re committed to be a socially responsible company, where our activity will take into consideration the well-being and growth of our team, and the community in which we operate. Doing fair business with our suppliers and customers that is beneficial for all parties involved.

Today’s responsible actions are our commitment to tomorrow’s light.

Social activities

As members of the community, we are committed to have a positive impact within it, carrying out activities outside our facilities that allow us to take care of the environment and development of the members of the community.

Our Campaigns

Through internal campaigns and resource policies, we contribute in raising awareness of the correct and rational use of natural resources. Besides, we carry out learning seminars for personal benefit, which lead to a better work environment.

Business sustainability

We buy our raw material only from suppliers that are ISO certified. So we can ensure quality, safety and efficiency in our products.

We use cartons from suppliers involved in forestry through techniques of cultivation and maintenance of forest through continuous and sustainable production without damaging the ecosystem.

We only use non-toxic inks from suppliers that carry out their preparation process with organic and inorganic pigments, carbon black, and vegetable oils. This ensures a safe environment for our production staff.

All our cartons waste is disposed of responsibly, ensuring that it is destined for material recycling.

Social compliance Committee

At Impresos Múltiples we have a social compliance committee, which is in charge of directing and working on the process of continuous improvement in social responsibility, enhancing a culture that cares about people and the environment.