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This section will help to respond to some Frequently Asked Questions.

General information

Our Flexographic press printing system is done in coils, you can mainly produce labels, shrink sleeves, Anti-Tampering Seals, Hang-Tags and others; on the other hand, our Offset system produces in sheets where you can produce folding cartons, documents, brochures, labels among others.

No, all our products are done by our clients requirements.

Yes, all new orders require digital and print approval of our clients.

Yes, we export to Central America.

We’re located in San Salvador, Santa Elena 2, El progreso #18 street, you can find our address in contact on the footer.

You can send your CV to and tell us how you found Impresos Múltiples, which area you want to apply to and your salary pretension. Our human resources department will get in contact with you.

We’re proud to work under SMETA requirements.

It is the most widely used social audit in the world, which allows companies to assess the degree of compliance with ethical standards that revolve around business, work, the environment, health and safety.

We work under an entry protocol in our facilities, we voluntarily use masks and keep social distance; we provide our collaborators with the necessary equipment for their protection and we have adapted our facilities to ensure social distance.

Our Recommendations

It is called Full Color, when the art contains the 4 colors of the CMYK process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), which are the basic printing inks that allow the generation of most shades and colors.

Pantone inks are colors registered by the Pantone company with a universal code, which allows reference to a very specific color. It is used to ensure its faithful color reproduction, which is why it is used a lot with logos and corporate colors. Which allows there to be iconic colors like the red of Coca Cola.

Are files that can be edited depending on client requirements, these files can be Ai, Psd, Id or PDF.

You should send an editable file (Ai, Psd or Id) or a high resolution PDf, for your package to have better quality when it’s ready for printing.

When providing the measurements of your folding carton, it is important to distinguish what type of measurement you are sending. The open measurement consists of two measurements (height x width) and the closed measurement consists of three dimensions (height x width x depth).

Quote Request Information

The credit is subject to prior evaluation by our finance department. We reserve the right to approve credit as we see fit.

You can contact us through our chat (or by any other available means), send us your data, queries and requirements, to start a conversation with an advisor and receive personalized attention on your quote requirements.

The size of the product to be quoted, design reference to be printed preferably in an editable file, usage of packaging or label, environment to which it will be exposed, if you have a preferred material and your purchase projection.

The most common factors that affect are the quantity required, the material to be used, the dimensions, number of inks, different coatings.

Product Related Questions

We call this the different packages that we make with cardboard, they serve for protection, handling and/or identification of products. This category includes folding boxes, folding trays, pillow box, etc

Piece of paper, cardboard, plastic or other material that is attached to an object to indicate what it is, what it contains or other information related to it.

Label that completely covers the product container, obtaining a 360° impression from the neck of the bottle to the bottom, in which you can communicate: product specifications, give greater visibility to the brand, etc.

They are seals that are ideally placed on the lid of the product or on the closure of the package; Its main objective is to guarantee that the packaged product has not been tampered with since it was closed in the factory. Ask us about the different security seals we offer.

IIt is a (transparent) coating that is usually applied over the print, to protect it from scratches, wear or stains, or even to add a different finish (glossy or matte).